Attack of the Month Video Blog Series: Reflective (Amplified) DDoS Attacks

Stephen Gates
By | January 02, 2014

Posted in: Network Security Trends , Enterprise DDoS Protection

Happy New Year everyone! I'm pleased to kick off 2014 with another dynamic video blog post. Today's video discusses the real threat of Reflective, or as some call them, Amplified DDoS Attacks.  As you may recall from our initial v-blog post the goal for these 5 minute sessions is to dissect and analyze a specific attack type each month, and allow viewers to better understand:

  • What are these attacks?
  • Why are they an emerging threat, or continue to be a successful attack tool?
  • What is the potential damage/risk?
  • What are the early warning signs of this type of attack?
  • Recommendations for detection/mitigation.



Stephen Gates Video Blog - Reflective DDoS Attacks


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