Reddit: "It was a Legit, Malicious DDoS Aimed at Taking us Down"

By | April 19, 2013

Posted in: Enterprise DDoS Protection

The popular link sharing site Reddit has been enduring a large Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack since earlier this morning, according to a statement made via Twitter.

As the day moves on, the site appears to have survived the attack, but according to Reddit's Twitter status alert, while they have "mitigated a decent portion of the DDoS," certain site functionality is still down.

Malicious DDoS Attack

Reddit has been playing a prominent role in compiling information on the recent Boston marathon bombing tragedy. Due to heightened interest, the site had been experiencing higher than normal traffic. However, Reddit confirmed earlier that this slowdown was not actually due to natural search traffic.

Jason Harvey, Reddit's systems administrator, said via Twitter that the attack was "malicious," aimed at crippling the site.

Earlier in the day, Reddit had thought they endured the worst of it, but the traffic returned after the attackers "adjusted their vector."

Harvey posted a graph on an explainer post highlighting the traffic request spike hammering Reddit's backend systems.

Said Harvey (who goes by the Reddit handle "alienth"): "The graph only represents the requests that made it to our secondary load balancing layer. What we're facing is orders of magnitude larger than what natural traffic looks like."

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