Tech Pros Leaving Thousands At The Negotiating Table

By | April 15, 2013

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Just happy to be employed and not so sure you should tempt fate by quibbling over a few bucks? By not negotiating, many IT professionals are leaving thousands on the bargaining table, according to a new survey., a career site for technology and engineering professionals, surveyed 838 hiring managers and recruiters. The majority said that more than half of tech professionals accept the first offer of compensation they receive, without negotiating either starting salaries or hourly rates.

How much are these eager new hires costing themselves? Most of these hiring professionals figure about 5 percent, which might not seem like a ton, but consider the survey's quick math: The national average salary for technology professionals is currently $85,619. Not talking dollars and cents is costing $4,300 on average.

Tom Silver, senior vice-president at, wrote in a blog post that fear is the motivating factor behind this trend.

"When fear creeps into a negotiation or stops it all together, it’s good to remember negotiation is simply a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. And, both sides want an agreement – only 18 percent of hiring managers said companies rarely or never change their initial offer, he wrote.

And what happens when a candidate does go back and talk numbers? Good things.

"33 percent of hiring pros that reported upping the ante is at least a frequent or a very frequent occurrence," he added.

Some more news and notes from

  • New York was the number one metro for tech jobs in April with 8,511 (a drop of 5 percent from last month).

  • There are currently 83,610 tech jobs available nationwide.

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