Evolving Threats To Drive Cloud-Based Security Market

By | April 05, 2013

Posted in: Network Security Trends

Sales of cloud-based security services will grow 69% over the next 5 years, according to new research.

This forecast comes on the heels of a big year in the market for global cloud and customer premises equipment (CPE)-based security services, which grew another 12% in 2012 to $13 billion, according to Infonetics' just released Cloud and CPE Managed Security Services report.

Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research, said in a press statement that the evolving threat landscape has facilitated this healthy growth.

“Buyers are moving to managed security services to deal with increased attack volume and complexity, manage security product sprawl, deliver consistent security for a distributed workforce and device population, and provide security for cloud infrastructure,” wrote Wilson.

Infornetics also predicts that "other security services,” of which hosted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) providers are a major and growing contributor, are anticipated to comprise over 20% of cloud-based security service revenue by 2017.

Infonetics’ biannual cloud and CPE report provides market size, forecasts through 2017, trends, and analysis for cloud- and CPE-based managed security services by organization size and technology: managed firewalls, content security, IDS/IPS, and other security services.

This forecast joins a recent report from IDC that predicts the global DDoS market to reach $870 million by 2017.

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