Malware Threats And Inconsistent BYOD Policy Driving Mobile Security Market Growth

By | April 02, 2013

Posted in: Network Security Trends

The mobile security services market has no where to go but up, according to a new industry forecast.

The confluence of a 261% uptick in the number of mobile threats, coupled with increasingly complex malware designed to exploit a wider range of mobile devices and inconsistent BYOD policies, is signaling significant growth in the mobile security services market. To this end, ABI Research estimates the market will total $1.88 billion by the close of 2013.

“Isolated and standalone security solutions will work for the individual consumer, but for organizational applications and carriers, mobile security services will take the lead,” said Michela Menting, ABI Research’s senior analyst in cyber security in a press statement.

As enterprises increase their demand for specialized services, ABI forecasts growth in network security and managed and professional services, which are set to become the biggest categories for business-to-business mobile security, said the release.

"Bundled network security which includes unified threat management, deep packet inspections, virtual private networks, and remote device management will become increasingly important. The driving markets in mobile security are concentrating on services for mobile device, identity and authentication management, as well as for audits, certification, and consulting," they added.

A previous report, issued last year by market research firm Global Industry Analysts, expects the global mobile security market climb even higher, reaching $14.4 billion by 2017.

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