Santa Got Hacked: The Aftermath of a Breach Event

By | December 21, 2012

Posted in: Network Security Trends

Last year the world witnessed one of the biggest data breaches in history when networks at the North Pole where compromised by a group of still unidentified hackers which led to the disclosure of highly sensitive data: Santa's naughty list. This year we caught up with the company to see how that breach has affected them and subsequently changed their approach to security as a whole.

In case you missed last years coverage of the breach, here it is on video:

Twelve months after the tragic data loss incident, a followup video documents the aftermath of the event and the impact it has had on the company and key members of the organization's management:

About the Author: Javvad Malik is a seasoned security analyst with The 451 Group and a co-founder of the Security BSides London conference. Javvad is an avid blogger and video producer who has been published by Hackin9 Magazine, Infosec Island, Security Middle East Magazine, and is one of the co-authors of the book Cloud Security Rules. Javvad has worked at some of the largest organizations in the world applying his extensive experience in identifying, assessing and mitigating information security related risk in complex technology and business process environments. Javvad's unique style and unbridled sense of humor provide a welcome relief to the standard infosec fare. Video production courtesy of Twist & Shout productions.

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