BeyondTrust expands security coverage with eEye Digital acquisition

By | May 10, 2012

Posted in: Network Security Trends

BeyondTrust continues to expand its security portfolio, announcing acquisition of risk management vendor eEye Digital Security, whose menu of enterprise and cloud products have been built out starting with its venerable Retina network vulnerability scanning tool.BeyondTrust's primary play has been privileged identity management, centered around its PowerBroker product line, in competition with companies such as Cyber-Ark, Lieberman Software and Quest Software. However, last year BeyondTrust acquired:

  • Luxembourg-based  DLP company GentleSecurity and launched PowerBroker DLP

  • Database security company Lumigent, which specializes in database activity monitoring; now PowerBroker Databases Monitor & Audit

  • Likewise Enterprise and Likewise Open Technologies, now PowerBroker Identity Services, providing cross-platform enterprise access management across Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X environments

These previous acquisitions extended the fairly narrow privileged identity management focus with an overarching theme of access control and audit, particularly for compliance and data security. The eEye deal seems a bit more of a tangent, but not inconsistent.Vulnerability risk management has matured since the days of stand-alone scanners into comprehensive enterprise products. It has become a common staple not just for security but for managing, reporting and audit around the entire risk management life cycle: asset discovery and enumeration/vulnerability and configuration scanning/remediation/validation/audit/reporting. Rinse and repeat.

The combination holds promise for a fairly comprehensive menu of products and services for regulatory compliance and security by managing access to sensitive data, monitoring and tracking  activity around its use, and addressing critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers seeking to steal critical information.

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