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DDoS Trends and Analysis Quarterly Report
Q4 2014

DDoS Trends ReportThrough the analysis of customer data from the fourth quarter of 2014, Corero found that attackers are evolving their use of DDoS attacks to circumvent companies’ cybersecurity solutions, disrupt service availability and infiltrate victim networks. These trends have been made available with the release of Corero’s inaugural Quarterly DDoS Protection Report.

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Shapes of DDoS Threats  

July 1, 2015 by Toby Smith 

For a device to offer DDoS protection it must be able to handle the different traffic profiles that constitute the current DDoS attack landscape. By illustrating the relative layer 3 and layer 4 counts of source and destination one can easily see the major categories of DDoS Threats. After introducing a basic traffic shape, anomalous variants will be shown to highlight the types of attacks that a modern DDoS Protection Solution should be able to detect and mitigate automatically. 


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